Kitchen essentials

OLC kitchen essentials

Ask and you shall receive: a compilation of all the things that make the OLC kitchen go ’round. This guide covers everything from small appliances and baking pans to storage containers and pantry staples. This list will grow and change as I discover new ingredients and/or kitchen gadgets (or get tired of old favorites) (which probably won’t happen buuuuut ya never know).

Some things to note: I buy bulk ingredients (oats, nuts, beans, rice, dried fruit, etc.) from Natural Grocers, Safeway, Sprouts, King Soopers, or Whole Paycheck Foods. NG has a really great pre-packaged bulk section and – BONUS! – it tends to be far more affordable than other stores. We also go to Costco, on occasion, which is great for buying things in mega-bulk (almonds, dates, coconut oil, etc.).

If there’s anything you’ve seen in blog posts that you’d like added to the guide, please shoot me an email through my contact form and I’ll make it happen (there’s a good chance I’m missing at least a few things). Or if you just want to tell me about a product you really love, I’m down for that, too. :)

Brands I love: (Wares) KitchenAid, Vitamix, Silpat, Weck, Chicago Metallic, Fat Daddio’s, GIR, Ateco, Dansk, Staub, Demeyere, Zwilling, Lodge, OXO, Glasslock, notPERFECTLINEN, and If You Care. (Food) Califia Farms, Navitas Naturals, Nutiva, Vega, Muir Glen, Chocolove, Bob’s Red Mill, Wholesome, Artisana, Simply Organic, Tinkyáda, San-J, La Tourangelle, Vital Proteins, Lotus Foods, Seven Sundays, Sir Kensington’s, Mother-in-Law’s, Food for Life, Dave’s Killer Bread, and Hain Pure Foods.

OLC kitchen essentials


Chicago Metallic bakeware (jelly roll pans, loaf pans, cake pans, etc.)
USA Pan bakeware (their pizza pan will change your life)
Fat Daddio’s bakeware (their anodized stuff is AWESOME)
Silicone baking mats
Oven monitoring thermometer (I keep three of these in my oven at all times)
3 piece mixing bowl set (I also have this set) (and this set, too) (#mixingbowlhoarder)
Slotted metal spatula
Stainless steel whisk
Stainless steel scoops
Stainless steel measuring cups
Stainless steel measuring spoons
Heavy duty spatulas
Straight spatula
Offset spatula
Bakery rolling pin
Cake stand (I also love these cake stands) (aaand this one)
Pastry brush
Plain round cutter set (I love the geometric shape cutting set, too)
Candy thermometer

Cast iron skillets (we have the 8″ and 9″)
Stainless steel fry pans
Double burner griddle
2 quart saucepan
4 quart casserole
4 quart shallow round cocotte
6 1/4 quart round cocotte
Japanese mandoline slicer

Small appliances
High-powered blender
Hand blender
11-cup food processor
Artisan mini stand mixer
7-speed hand mixer
Stainless steel food scale
Waffle maker (with interchangabe plates)
Ice cream maker
Portable induction cooktop
Multi cooker

Spiralizer attachment
Mold jars (I use these to store sauces, primarily)
Cylindrical jars
 (I use these to store nuts, beans, bulk ingredients, etc.)
Wood lids
Glasslock container set (meal prep, leftovers, etc.)
Airtight storage containers (I use these to store various flours, sugars, etc.)
Manual can opener
Parchment baking paper
Linen half apron
Linen towels (we keep a stack in the kitchen at all times)
Everyday dish brush

OLC kitchen essentials


Flour and starch
Unbleached all purpose flour
Coconut flour
Garbanzo bean flour
Brown rice flour (or you can buy it in bulk)
White rice flour (or you can buy it in bulk)
Potato starch
Arrowroot starch

Sugar and other sweeteners
Cane sugar
Powdered sugar
Coconut palm sugar
Maple sugar (the BEST maple sugar)
Pure maple syrup (for use in recipes) (it’s $7 cheaper at Costco)
Vermont maple syrup (to drizzle on breakfast)
Unsulphured molasses
Golden syrup

Oil and non-hydrogenated fats
SunCoco oil (my go-to flavorless oil)
Unrefined coconut oil (or you can buy it in bulk)
Avocado spray oil
Extra virgin olive oil (we use this one for dipping/drizzling)
Non-hydrogenated shortening
European-style cultured (vegan) butter

Nut/seed butters
Raw cashew butter
Creamy cashew butter (roasted)
Natural creamy peanut butter (for baking)
Creamy peanut butter (more “natural” than creamy)
Almond butter
Raw coconut butter
Roasted tahini
Raw tahini

Non-dairy milk products
Almondmilk (unsweetened, unsweetened vanilla, etc.)
Almondmilk creamer
Soy creamer
Full fat coconut milk (the BEST for coconut whipped cream)

Dark chocolate
Unsweetened chocolate
Chocolate chunks

White chocolate chips
Cacao powder
Cacao butter
Dutch processed cocoa powder

Extra firm tofu
Protein powder
Powdered peanut butter (for use in protein shakes ONLY)
Collagen peptides (not vegan)

Sprouted grain bread
Sandwich bread (Thom LOVES this stuff)
Brown rice pasta
Rice ramen noodles
Pad Thai brown rice noodles
Bircher muesli

Condiments and stuff
Tomato paste
Canned tomatoes (fire roasted is my jam)
Unfiltered apple cider vinegar
Rice vinegar
Rocky Mountain barbecue sauce
Rocky Mountain hot sauce
Hot sauce 
Hot chili sauce
Fermented chili paste
Chipotle paste
Worcestershire sauce
Vegan ranch (I have a mild addiction to this stuff)
Vegetable bouillon
Spices (love these spices, too)
Nutritional yeast
Sea salt flakes

Baking-specific ingredients
Baking soda
Featherweight baking powder
Iodized sea salt
Vanilla extract
Almond extract
Maple flavor
Active dry yeast
Espresso powder
Soft silken tofu
Natural colored sprinkles

OLC kitchen essentials