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A weekend guide to Denver


Word on the street is that my guide to Denver is overwhelming. I prefer the term extensive, but there’s no denying that, for someone who’s coming to the Mile High City for a few short days, figuring out where to start can be an incredibly challenging task. So I whittled down the guide to my very favorite spots in town. Because the last thing I want is for someone to be stoked on visiting but have no idea where to start. Continue Reading

My favorite spots in Denver

View from Pavilions

Since well before we left for Europe last summer, I’ve been dodging emails about doing a guide to Denver because THIS IS A BAKING BLOG, GUYS. But I finally gave in and compiled a list of all my favorite spots in the Mile High City. Having lived here for five years, I pretty much know this place like the back of my hand but am always so excited to stumble upon something new – which is why this guide will be a work in progress (meaning when I find an awesome coffee shop or a great dinner spot, I’ll update this post to reflect new discoveries). Continue Reading