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How to make coconut oil biscuits

Coconut oil biscuits

I unexpectedly cracked the code on coconut oil biscuits earlier this week. I had zero intentions of sharing this recipe so soon but a fierce craving resulted in some fierce recipe testing (I finally got my groove back and it feels. so. good.) and before I knew it we had five different batches of biscuits hanging out in our pantry. Which isn’t a completely terrible problem to have, except when three of the five batches are considered “mostly inedible” and your dude has given you a complex about disposing of food when there are people outside our bubble who don’t have access to food the way we do. But what’s worse – giving second-rate biscuits to houseless folks or throwing them in the garbage?

Don’t answer that.. because we need to get down to business. Continue Reading

How to make (aquafaba) marshmallow creme

Aquafaba marshmallow creme

This post was created in partnership with North American Pulses.

This recipe has been the bane of my work life for the past three weeks. I thought I perfected it back in March – just as we were kicking off the kitchen renovation – but then I made it a few weeks ago and decided to tweak it even more and then I got a little carried away so now the recipe is completely unrecognizable from the one I originally developed.

Funny how that happens. Continue Reading

How to make coconut yogurt (two ways)

Homemade coconut yogurt

Today we’re making coconut yogurt, from scratch. And – lucky for you – because I’m insanely indecisive, I’m giving you two recipes: one that’s a bit lighter and thickened with universal pectin and another that’s hella rich and contains only three ingredients: (guar gum-free) full fat coconut milk, pure maple syrup, and some good ol’ fermentation-promoting bacteria.

To say these recipes have been a long time coming would be an understatement. I’ve been working on them since this past April and, as of Saturday, I’ve tested 37 different versions.. and wound up with two that I liked enough to share here. I’ve learned what I like (guar gum-free coconut milk, maple syrup, etc.) and what I don’t (cooked tapioca, store bought-starters, etc.), and now I’m here to share my yogurt-making knowledge so that you can confidently venture into your kitchen and whip up some coconut yogurt, too. Continue Reading

How to make chocolate pudding (without starch, tofu, avocados, chia seeds, etc.)

How to make chocolate pudding

This post was created in partnership with Califia Farms.

Confession time: I love pudding. Like, love it more than ice cream. Than cookies. Than two pound salads from Whole Paycheck. I love it more than shaved legs on clean sheets. Than running my fingers along wrought iron fences. Than blasting Kanye in my pint-sized powerhouse at 7AM (and I love that A LOT). Pudding is the perfect dessert. You can whip it up (well, this recipe at least) in less than ten minutes. And once it’s chilled, you can spoon the creamy deliciousness straight to your face. Or you can load it with a bunch of toppings and then spoon it straight to your face. You can dip things in it (like graham crackers!), use it to fill a pie, or freeze it to make double chocolate pudding pops (because it’s almost summer and I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like pudding pops) (HAVE YOU?). Continue Reading