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Five days in Stockholm, Sweden


We headed to Stockholm for the second leg of our immediate post-nuptial getaway, and arrived at dusk to a lively neighborhood with people chatting in the streets. And an apartment with the most incredible view. We spent our first two days wandering all over the city by foot, but I eventually let Thom talk me into getting a three day tunnelbana pass because Stockholm is a lot bigger than I had originally thought. And although my favorite method of transportation is walking (you see so much!) (and you work up an appetite, so eating five meals a day isn’t totally insane), my legs were begging me to take it easy. So we did. The tunnelbana map is fairly easy to navigate, assuming you’ve got a bit of an inner compass (or share your life with someone who does) (LUCKY ME), but even if you don’t, the people there are so damn kind they’d probably offer to escort you to wherever you’re heading, if you got lost. You can also rent bikes, but the city didn’t feel nearly as bike-friendly as Copenhagen. And since a bike is my main form of transportation in Denver, the last thing I wanted to do was ride a bike.. on vacation. Continue Reading

Five days in Copenhagen, Denmark + lazy lady porridge

Copenhagen from the Round Tower

Up until the night of our wedding, I had no idea where we were going for the first leg of our mini-honeymoon. Even after Thom broke the news, it wasn’t until we arrived at the Copenhagen train station (two days later) that it hit me: I was finally getting that Scandinavian vacation I had always wanted, regardless of the fact that I was so exhausted from wedding festivities that I would have been totally ok with going back home and hibernating until our South American honeymoon (which we’re on right now). Continue Reading