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How we wound up in Lomas de Arena Regional Park, Bolivia


On the night of our wedding, Thom finally revealed that he’d been “planning” a trip to South America for our honeymoon. I say “planning” because all he did was book our plane tickets and reserve two spots for the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu – and aside from buying a couple of LP travel guides, he had no strategy for what we’d do along the way. Although I used to be all about laying the groundwork in advance – right down to where we were going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (YIKES) – the more we travel, the more I’ve come to appreciate having a mostly empty itinerary that encourages spontaneity and that live in the moment mentality.

That mostly empty itinerary is how we wound up in Lomas de Arena Regional Park. Well, that and the fact that our flight was rerouted – last minute, from La Paz to Santa Cruz – due to fog that didn’t lift. We walked off the plane laughing, mostly because this would happen to us on our honeymoon, but also because we’ve never seen people so livid over circumstances that were beyond the airline’s control (ahem, weather). Also, it was a nice reminder as to why you don’t plan (if you can help it) – because instead of getting angry when your flight is diverted (and yelling at all the airline attendants), you laugh and drink shitty coffee with your husband, and post up in a booth with another couple who is equally as entertained by the spectacle of disgruntled travelers, as you are. Continue Reading