Easy homemade chocolate milk


I took an extended amount of time off from the gym (injuries, WAMP) and only recently jumped back into my heavy weight lifting routine, which means my seriously fierce (and kinda weird) beverage cravings are back. And probably here to stay. Unless, for some reason, I find myself nursing three separate injuries again. Injuries that were 100% preventable by warming up and stretching, by the way. So learn from my mistakes and do your body a solid and take care of it, ok?

Anyway. These cravings. I get them for two things and two things only: sparkling water (it’s gotta be Mountain Valley brand) and chocolate milk served over ice. I have no idea where these cravings came from or why I can’t seem to shake them for good, but they’re innocent enough that I’m not even remotely worried because my body could be craving much worse.. like a fourth cup of coffee. ;)

We keep a bottle of Mountain Valley in our fridge at all times so it’s pretty easy to satisfying that craving but chocolate milk just isn’t something I’m going to keep on hand for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain here. For a while, my lazy lady method was comprised of store-bought almondmilk, cacao powder, pure maple syrup, and sea salt - and even though it tasted just fine, it didn’t really scratch the itch. So I had to come up with a new recipe that was quick enough to whip up when a craving would strike, but also one that would leave me feeling 100% satisfied. It took a few tries but eventually I got what I consider to be an appropriate chocolate milk for full grown humans to consume on the regular. And although I was never previously a fan of chocolate milk (which is why I consider this craving so unusual), this stuff does not disappoint. It’s subtly sweet, has a rich chocolate flavor, and is super freakin’ thick. All the things a proper chocolate milk should be.

Even better? This chocolate milk churns into a really beautiful ice cream (or it can be frozen as cream pops) and can also be used to make a decadent chia pudding. Which is useful if you, like me, can almost never finish the entire bottle before it starts to turn.

Oh. And for anyone from the ‘gram who’s wondering: cake month is happening in September so GET ALL YOUR CAKE PANS READY, BABES.


Notes: Soaking the cashews isn’t necessary if you have a high powered blender, but I find that it helps to remove some of the cashew flavor from the chocolate milk (so soak if you’re concerned about that) (or if you don’t have aforementioned blender). Alternately, you can use cashew butter in place of the cashews - this works great if you don’t have a high powered blender. Just use 1/2 cup (120g) raw cashew butter in place of the cashews. If you prefer sweeter chocolate milk, chuck in a few more dates. Sometimes I’ll add extras like collagen peptides (YAY PROTEIN) or some vanilla bean powder (YAY FLAVOR PUNCH) but neither are 100% necessary.


1 cup (136g) raw cashew pieces
4 cups (840g) filtered water
4-6 (60g) medjool dates
, soaked for 20 minutes
6 tablespoons (30g) cacao powder
Heavy pinch of sea salt flakes

Combine all ingredients in a high powered blender. Blend for 2-3 minutes then pulse to remove air bubbles. Pour into a large bottle then refrigerate for up to five days. Shake before using.

Yield: ~1L