The 2018 holiday gift list

gift list

Welcome to my 2018 gift list - a practical guide filled with things the people in your life just might actually *need*. Gifts for the person who’s really tidy. For the person who loves moving furniture around. Gifts for the person who has been known to kill a plant or ten. USEFUL GIFTS FOR BASICALLY EVERYONE.

These gift ideas are all things that 1) we actually own and 2) have made our lives easier, more enjoyable, etc. There’s no denying that useful gifts are the best kind of gifts to give so, this holiday season, I hope you’ll join me in trying to be a more useful gift giver (as opposed to a wasteful one). Put thought into the things you’re buying, why you’re buying them, etc. Not only will the recipient appreciate it but the planet will appreciate it, too. <3

gift list
gift list
gift list
gift list
gift list
gift list

For the organization obsessed

I share a life with the male version of Marie Kondo and that is not an exaggeration in the slightest. Thom is one of the most tidy and well organized humans I have ever encountered and I think it’s because he’s been intuitively practicing the art of tidying up since before the art of tidying up even became a thing. His secret weapon? Well, there are a lot of them. But these interlocking drawer organizers were his most recent find. He uses them to organize his socks and, as a result, his sock drawer is ridiculously organized (each pair has its own cubby and, now that I think about it, it’s actually kind of absurd).

Slotted interlocking drawer organizers from The Container Store - $5.99
Goes well with: A giftcard to The Container Store.

For the serial furniture rearranger

Know someone who loves rearranging their furniture but 1) lives alone or 2) lives with someone who doesn’t enjoy moving furniture around for the hell of it? You should put some furniture sliders in their life.

SuperSliders multu-surface furniture sliders - PRICES VARY
Goes well with: WEED.

For me and you and everyone we know

For that just got home and took off my oppressive pants feeling when you’re not at home or able to remove your oppressive pants. A little full spectrum hemp oil, held under your tongue for 30-45 seconds, will do the trick. The beauty of this stuff is that we source an ethanol-extracted full spectrum hemp exact which means - in addition to cannabinoids - it also contains terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals (read: really good shit that you’re probably not getting from your other hemp supplement.. unless it, too, is extracted using ethanol).

SUPERGOOD turmeric oil - $35+
Goes well with: A salt rock (for a hot bath), some bitters (to make alcohol-free cocktails), or a book about CBD/hemp (if you suspect they’re totally clueless).

For the plant slayer

Ever wonder why your plants aren’t growing? Or, worse, why they’re withering into little brown blobs and struggling to hang on for dear life? Turns out that feeding them is a really big part of keeping plants alive. Who knew? I use this trio and have seen tremendous results. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I killed a plant and THAT IS WILD, YOU GUYS.

Fox Farm liquid nutrients trio - $23.75
Goes well with: A plant, duh.

For the turmeric lover 

If you use turmeric with frequency and you want to support a female-owned company that sources single-origin turmeric from a farm in India then you need to get yourself - I mean, the person you love - some Diaspora Co. turmeric.

Diaspora Co. single origin turmeric - $8.50+
Goes well with: The Cooking with Gold zine.

For the choosy pasta eater

Thom and I only eat the same pasta about half the time. The other half I’m eating chickpea pasta or some other protein-heavy pasta alternative that he refuses to eat (can’t really blame him, TBH). The solution? Boiling inserts! I can boil our pasta in the same pot and only have to worry about babysitting one pot of water.

Boiling insert from IKEA - $4.99
Goes well with: PASTA! All kinds of really fancy and delicious pasta that they would never buy for themselves.

For the tree hugger who fantasizes about taking a hammer to their compost bin

We’ve had this compost bin since earlier this year and we love it. It contains the funky compost smell, keeps out the fruit flies, and is easy to clean (it also dries superfast). Prior to having this bin, I found composting to be a total pain in the ass.

Full Circle compost bin - $29.99
Goes well with: Compost bags. Or a membership for local compost pickup (we use Scraps Mile High).

For the homebody who loves to eat (at home)

I pretty much always prefer staying home and cooking to going out to a restaurant. First of all, staying home means I get to be operating at max comfort (like, without pants and in really cozy socks) and it also means I’m going to eat something I know I’ll 100% love. Let’s Stay In is the perfect book for the homebody who loves to cook.

Let’s Stay In by Ashley Rodriguez - PRICES VARY
Goes well with: Good olive oil.

For the plant-curious omnivore

I don’t adhere to a vegan diet. Thom doesn’t adhere to a vegan diet. But we find ourselves eating plant-based meals a lot of the time (plants are life, man!) (so is bread). If you have omnivore friends or loved ones in your life who are struggling to eat more plants - but really want to try eating more plant-based - Timmy’s cookbook will help them do all that and then some. The recipes are approachable, satisfying, and delicious.

Mississippi Vegan by Timothy Pakron - PRICES VARY
Goes well with: A one year membership to Thrive Market.

For the natural skincare goddess 

Buying skincare products for other people can be tricky but the great thing about SW Basics products is that a lot of them are suitable for all skin types. I use their toner allll over my face and the serum under my eyes. In general, SW Basics is my go-to for natural skincare and they should probably be your go-to, too.

SW Basics toner and oil serum - $9.99+ and $27.99
Goes well with: One of those weird ice rollers that I thought was so silly but is actually really great.

For the Coloradan who loves supporting local companies

Live in CO and want to support other CO businesses? Cool. I love Prohibited Provisions, Chocolove, Chile Crunch, Birch Benders, Mellow Rooster, and Hex. If you live in Denver, I’d recommend shopping local at places like Planted, Modern Nomad, Carbon Knife Co., Yes Please, River North Workshop, etc.

Don’t see anything here that would be suitable for the people you love? Memberships to local art museums are great (SUPPORT THE ARTS!). You can also make donations to organizations that align with their personal beliefs and let them know HEY I SENT MONEY TO SUPPORT PLANNED PARENTHOOD BECAUSE I KNOW HOW IMPORTANT REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS ARE TO YOU. As someone who pretty much has everything they could ever want or need, I’d be thrilled to receive a gift in the form of a donation to one of my favorite non-profits or charities.

gift list
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