The chilly Irishman

The Chilly Irishman

I'm writing this post from 31,000 feet above the North Atlantic (according to the monitor on the back of the seat in front of me). It's both laughable and mind-boggling that I have internet access from within a giant, metal vessel that's carrying me (and a few hundred other people) halfway across the planet at a ground speed of exactly 693mph. It's also laughable (and mind-boggling) that I actually thought $22 was an acceptable amount of money to pay for 14 hours of internet access when I scoff at the cell phone company for charging us about the same amount for an entire month of browsing-on-the-fly. It's crazy, the things you'll do when you find yourself trapped in the middle of a Boeing 777 - with your husband sitting next to you, hogging the armrest and playing what seems like a never-ending game of solitaire - questioning how many typos were in the scheduled version of that boozy, celebratory blog post and if it was even scheduled for the right day.

(There were exactly zero and it was. But, somehow, it still got deleted. Partly because I prefer writing posts in real-time, but mostly because I was bored out of my mind.)

We're currently en route to what will be our last international adventure for the foreseeable future. I could tell you why, but it'll be so much more fun if you wait until Friday and tune in to Jessica Murnane's Things That Freaked My Week, where we chat about tiny humans (no, I'm not having one), my new favorite tunic, the reason Thom won't let me get a cat, something inappropriate (and borderline vulgar) that I can't mention here because my father gets my posts delivered to his inbox (heh, HI POPS), and why the hell Thom and I would choose a life path that will require us to temporarily give up one of the things we enjoy most.

But that's not why I'm here today.

I'm here today - channeling my inner Holly & Flora with something boozy and delicious - to celebrate the fact that, after 7 1/2 years, we finally did the damn thing.. and there are real deal photos (amazing and wonderful and jaw-dropping, beautiful photos) to prove it. And they're coming to the blog next week.

Frozen bananas
Chocolate and booze
The Chilly Irishman
The Chilly Irishman
The Chilly Irishman
The Chilly Irishman
The Chilly Irishman
The Chilly Irishman

Notes: This drink is traditionally made with ice cream soooooo if you don't have frozen banana slices, go ahead and add a few big, fat scoops of ice cream (and two cups of ice) in place of the frozen bananas. Or even if you do have frozen bananas and you want to treat yo'self, DO IT! It's delicious but it's heavy as heck and I actually like the frozen banana version better. If you don't have time to make your own cold brew (or aren't into decaf coffee) (I'm not usually but I wouldn't be able to drink this thing past 4PM if it were made with regular coffee), my favorite almondmilk company makes a mean concentrated cold brew. If you want this to drink more like a thick milkshake, reduce the almond milk to 2 ounces.


4 ounces concentrated decaf cold-brew coffee
2 ounces Irish whiskey
1 ounce decaf coffee liqueur
2 ounces unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 teaspoon cacao powder
4 medium bananas, sliced and frozen
Pinch of fine sea salt

Coconut whipped cream
Chocolate-coffee sauce, recipe follows
Shaved chocolate

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. HOW EASY WAS THAT? Pour into glasses and top with coconut whipped cream, chocolate-coffee sauce, and shaved chocolate (if desired). Sláinte!

Yield: 2 servings


1 bar (90g) good quality dark chocolate
2 tablespoons (40g) brown rice syrup
2 tablespoons (22g) decaf coffee liqueur
1/4 cup (46g) unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Pinch of fine sea salt

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler set over medium-high heat. Once melted, stir in the brown rice syrup and coffee liqueur, followed by the almond milk and salt. Transfer to an air tight container and refrigerate until ready to use. The sauce will keep for up to two weeks, but you'll have to re-liquefy it, in a hot water bath, after a few hours in the fridge.

Yield: About 1/2 cup