Eat & travel + Make your listing as clear as possible. Don't want guests in your kitchen or shoes in the house? Specify that in the listing (and reiterate major points in the house rules) so that guests can be prepared when they arrive at your home. + A little goes a long way. Whether it be fresh baked peanut butter cookies, local travel guides, a pickup from the airport, or offering a mobile device for international travelers - going out of your way to provide the little things will make your guests feel both welcome and at ease. + Cater to diversity. We keep both soft and firm pillows in the guest room closet, as well as a quilt for guests who may be allergic to down. To me, there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when traveling, so it is always my top priority to make sure I'm doing everything within my ability to make our guests feel cozy in their space. + Be open minded and flexible. People come from all different backgrounds, from all over the word, and it's best to embrace any cultural differences and use them as an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. You'll be surprised at how much people, who were once strangers, can teach you about yourself. + Plan your schedules around one another. Your guests are going hiking all day Saturday? Stay home and recharge, instead of running errands. When they decide to lounge around the house on Sunday, you can give them their space and tend to your to-do list. This one is crucial for hosts sharing their home with guests.