In this space you'll find from-scratch recipes (and the occasional travel guide) accompanied by personal narratives and presumably more swear words than other blogs because I grew up with five brothers and I'm from Ohio. But that's beside the point. You probably came here thinking you'd find an abundance of cake recipes but I regret to inform you that there aren't nearly as many cakes around these parts as such a name would indicate. There are, however, a number of them - along with recipes for coconut oil cinnamon rolls, toasted coconut peanut butter mousse, and aquafaba marshmallow creme (just to name a few).

As for the moniker ladycakes, my better half gave it to me when we first started dating (over 10 years ago) (we're married now) and I happen to think it's the cutest thing in the world.

I believe in working with wholesome, seasonal ingredients as often as possible - but I also believe in TREATING YOSELF. Though many of the recipes in this space are vegan, some are not. Sometimes gluten. Sometimes gluten-free. It’s a mixed bag. ;)



Hi, I'm Ashlae. I live in Denver but was born and raised in small town Ohio (O-H!). Aside from spending long hours in the kitchen (mostly my commercial one), I enjoy lifting heavy things, any film with Wes Anderson's name on it, world travel, orbital mechanics, and Rózsavölgyi chocolate. I do not like mushrooms (although I eat them anyway), #45, personal space invaders, astrology (because science), biodynamic agriculture (because science), or pitting cherries.. although I do like eating them and if you catch me in a moment of complete and utter weakness, I will probably offer to pay you (in cookies) to pit them for me.

In 2015 I had a pretty wild idea and in 2016 - with the help of my husband - that wild idea came to life (you can read more about it here and here). I’ve got a licensed (recreational and medical) marijuana infused products production facility in south Denver, where we produce whole food edibles for my company - Alchemy Food Co. - as well as products for a couple of other really spectacular brands. In 2018 I launched SUPERGOOD, a (hemp) company on the other side of the cannabis industry, where we produce and test our products according to the same standards as our marijuana infused products (the hemp industry is highly unregulated, which is pretty damn frightening from a consumer standpoint). I still plan on doing this blog thing as often as I can (side note: CANNABIS CONTENT!) but don't be alarmed if I fall off the face of the earth for weeks at a time, k?

I write with my left hand, know every word to Bone Thugs N Harmony's Ghetto Cowboy, and have on-demand photic sneeze reflex - which is pretty much the best thing ever.

 Currently: lifting to this, listening to this and this, reading this

Thom's birthday cake
Stovetop crisp
Take 1