Peanut butter + coconut (pea) protein bites

Peanut butter + coconut protein bites

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Earlier this year, I made a pretty bold (and semi-vague) resolution to be nicer to my body. I was kind of awful to it in 2015 (hellooo, junk food and torturous, long-distance runs) and – as a result – I was on a mission to make up for that in 2016. To be honest, I didn’t really have a game plan. But I knew that 1) I needed to be more mindful of the things I was putting into my body and 2) I needed to start working out with more frequency. The goal? Well, I didn’t know it at the time but, now that I’m on the right track, it’s clear: to get my body back up and running like a well-oiled machine. Continue Reading

Three easy breakfast recipes + a giveaway

Three easy breakfast recipes

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Where’d we leave off? That dreaded trip to IKEA. We survived! Barely. But we have a garage full of kitchen cabinets and an assembled floor-to-ceiling closet system to show for it (ok, and a couple bags of potato chips), so I’d say it was a successful trip. I finally made a decision about grout (white!) (don’t worry, it’s going to be sealed) but I’m still torn on the brackets. And, between you and me, I’m starting to second guess my decision regarding open shelving because everyone keeps questioning the dust. So now I’m wondering 1) is the dust really going to be that bad? and 2) if so, do I really want to put myself in a position where I might have to swiffer my dishes before I use them?

I guess we’ll find out. Continue Reading

Deconstructed spring roll bowls

Deconstructed spring roll bowls

There are finished walls in our kitchen. Ones that just need to be primed and painted (which I’m tackling this weekend), and then it’s all systems go. The main living area is no longer filled with tools and plastic sheeting, and everything we own is no longer covered in a thin layer of drywall dust and diatomaceous Earth (that 20 pound powder keg of DE is still worthy of all the weary-faced emoji). We’re getting close to the good stuff – the tile and cabinetry and countertops (you know, all the things that will make our kitchen look like a kitchen) – and I’m, surprisingly, less excited than I should be. Partly because I’ve gotten used to being crammed into 192 square feet of living space that serves as a bedroom and living room and kitchen (and I kinda like it). But mostly because it’s time to make decisions that I’ve been putting off since the start of the renovation (which was seven weeks ago) (seven weeks!) and, as you know, I overthink the small stuff so trying to decide on grout colors and shelving brackets* is making me a little.. crazy. Continue Reading

French chocolate mendiants

French chocolate mendiants

It was late last year that we (reluctantly) came around to the fact that we wouldn’t be traveling for quite some time. Unfortunately, with a kitchen renovation (we have walls!) and a new business on the horizon, we knew we wouldn’t have the extra funds to put toward one of the things we love most: international travel. It’s been a really weird thing to accept because travel has kind of been our way of life since Thom first surprised me with that trip to Paris in 2010 – I thought we were going to spend a week in Montreal when, in reality, we were going to spend two weeks in Paris. It was then that he ignited my love for travel; a love so massive that it consumes me on a regular basis.

I think that was his plan all along. Continue Reading