Single-serving vanilla protein waffle (featuring three pulse varieties)

Single-serving vanilla protein waffle

This post was created in partnership with North American Pulses.

I had this grand plan to have our pantry finished and stocked by the time the flooring dudes came in to lay those snazzy encaustic tiles on our kitchen floor. That was four weeks ago. And currently? Our future pantry is littered with a dozen IKEA instruction pamphlets, a garbage disposal (I fought Thom really hard on not having one in the new kitchen) (and I lost), and standards that were supposed to be hung along the studs and lined with sealed planks of wood we have yet to purchase despite the fact that we’ve been to the home improvement store about 1,827 times. And a lumberyard. Twice. So the pantry? It’s a far cry from being finished. But I’m rolling with the punches because if there’s one thing this process has taught me, it’s that we’re almost never in control – or, not in nearly as much control as we think we are. Continue Reading

How to make chocolate pudding (without starch, tofu, avocados, chia seeds, etc.)

How to make chocolate pudding

This post was created in partnership with Califia Farms.

Confession time: I love pudding. Like, love it more than ice cream. Than cookies. Than two pound salads from Whole Paycheck. I love it more than shaved legs on clean sheets. Than running my fingers along wrought iron fences. Than blasting Kanye in my pint-sized powerhouse at 7AM (and I love that A LOT). Pudding is the perfect dessert. You can whip it up (well, this recipe at least) in less than ten minutes. And once it’s chilled, you can spoon the creamy deliciousness straight to your face. Or you can load it with a bunch of toppings and then spoon it straight to your face. You can dip things in it (like graham crackers!), use it to fill a pie, or freeze it to make double chocolate pudding pops (because it’s almost summer and I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like pudding pops) (HAVE YOU?). Continue Reading

Lake Titicaca


It feels like just yesterday we were on Lake Titicaca, the massive body of water sandwiched between Bolivia and Peru. We had originally planned on seeing only one of the two sides (and Thom was shooting for the Peruvian side), but after chatting with some friends who visited both, we were convinced we had to see the Bolivian side (and hike across Isla del Sol), too. Although we only had two nights to spare, we somehow managed to make the tight schedule work – which allowed for a mere 26 hours in Copacabana and even fewer in Puno (14!). Was it worth it? Absolutely. For you? It depends on how you like to travel. Continue Reading

Peanut butter + coconut (pea) protein bites

Peanut butter + coconut protein bites

This post was created in partnership with North American Pulses.

Earlier this year, I made a pretty bold (and semi-vague) resolution to be nicer to my body. I was kind of awful to it in 2015 (hellooo, junk food and torturous, long-distance runs) and – as a result – I was on a mission to make up for that in 2016. To be honest, I didn’t really have a game plan. But I knew that 1) I needed to be more mindful of the things I was putting into my body and 2) I needed to start working out with more frequency. The goal? Well, I didn’t know it at the time but, now that I’m on the right track, it’s clear: to get my body back up and running like a well-oiled machine. Continue Reading