The kitchen renovation

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When we bought our place two and a half years ago, we had zero intentions of staying in the Mile High City much longer. Which probably sounds crazy but, at the time, the rental market in Denver was exploding and we really wanted to lay down roots in the city. Despite knowing that it wasn’t going to be our home for long, I had a laundry list of requirements – top floor corner unit, two bedrooms, considerable storage, hardwood floors, original features, etc. And while our place checked all the boxes, the one thing that didn’t make the cut was the kitchen. The previous owners renovated it just before putting it on the market and, although it was a few steps up from the original kitchen (even that’s a stretch), it was dark, the finishes were cheap, and it just didn’t flow well with the rest of the space. Had we been planning to stay in Denver, the kitchen would have been a deal breaker. But since we weren’t, we signed our life away and got the keys, and I lived with the kitchen but spent a lot of time dreaming about what I’d do if we ever got the chance to renovate it. Continue Reading

The easiest (vegan) pancakes

The easiest vegan pancakes

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It’s 5AM and we stayed up watching Stranger Things until just past midnight last night so, needless to say, today is probably going to be a two-mugs-of-coffee kinda day (or maybe a go-back-to-bed-after-I-post-this kinda day*). Although, initially, I wasn’t too psyched about adding another TV show to my nightly roster so soon after finishing up all six seasons of Game of Thrones (!), I’ve got to admit: there’s something kind of nice about crawling into bed at 9PM – with the laptop and my man – and watching a new show together. Since we spent a decent portion of the past two months watching (me) and re-watching (him) GoT before hitting the pillows, I’ve gotten used to a nightly ritual that contains some shared screen time. And despite the fact that I typically prefer to spend my final waking hour catching up on the latest on Grist (sidenote: this plus all the sad faces) or reading how-to articles for things like getting scratches out of stainless steel and mastering the art of caulking (homeownership 101, yo), I’ve been really enjoying our late-night television dates.
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Almost raw chocolate chunk cashew bites

Almost raw chocolate chunk cashew bites

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With the exception of a few final touches, our kitchen is finished. F I N I S H E D. We spent the better part of last night sanding 70 linear feet of trim and slapping on a second coat of paint and – just like that – it was done. Our kitchen that once felt like a shoebox that belonged in a house in the ‘burbs of the Midwest now feels spacious and functional and fits in perfectly with my funky interior aesthetic. But it didn’t even phase me. There was no relief; no moment of intense satisfaction in seeing the finished product of our blood, sweat, and tears (and there were a lot of tears). Which is probably because I was running on a mere five hours of sleep and spent the majority of my day doing what car-less people do when they actually have a car: running every errand under the sun. Continue Reading

Three delicious ways to start your day with muesli

Three delicious ways to eat muesli

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It’s always been my belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know there are a lot of you who wholeheartedly disagree with that sentiment (my husband is with you) (though that doesn’t stop me from forcing him to eat breakfast nearly every morning) because you’ve gotten along just fine drinking coffee and OJ for the past five years, thank you. But for me, the difference between how I feel when I eat breakfast and when I don’t is night and day. And there’s a part of me that kind of thinks that holds true for everyone.. to some extent, at least.

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