Baked falafel bowls

Baked falafel bowls

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When we were visiting Stockholm last summer, there was a Levantine restaurant located just two blocks from our Airbnb. We ate there three times in five days, I think. And although we really wanted to try Falafelbaren – the place that came highly recommended from two of my favorite (Stockholm-based) food bloggers, David and Luise – we just couldn’t quit the convenience of the falafel-slinging establishment that was literally a two minute walk away (ok, three if you count the time it took us to race down five flights of stairs). While the falafel itself wasn’t anything worth writing home about, the restaurant had the dreamiest of mini-salad bars that took my giant plate of hummus and deep-fried falafel up about five notches.. and was the main reason I kept dragging Thom back for more. Continue Reading

Maple banana sundaes with black + white ice cream

Maple-banana sundaes with black + white ice cream

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I woke up the other day and realized I’m one of those people who can’t function without coffee. Every time I’ve nearly set our place on fire.. it’s because I didn’t have coffee. Every time I’ve accidentally sent an email to the wrong person.. it’s because I didn’t have coffee. Every time I’ve done something stupid in the kitchen – like spill lemon juice all over the floor (which resulted in me having to clean and sand and reseal the prima donna tiles at 6AM) (we’ll talk about those later).. it’s because – you guessed it! – I didn’t have coffee. I made the connection the other morning (after I wasted spent three hours tending to aforementioned tiles) and decided I needed to do something about it because my dependence on caffeine is growing and, to be honest, that totally freaks me out. I don’t like that I require an addictive substance to think clearly or get moving in the morning. And I especially don’t like that I need three or four cups of it to feel like myself. I mean, I generally wake up between 4 and 5AM but I’m not a fully-functioning human until 8 or 9.. unless I have coffee.

And that’s a problem.
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The new easy no-bake cookies

The new easy no-bake cookies

I’ve gotten a total number of 10 hours of sleep the last two nights (maaaaan, sleep deprivation has been a recurring theme around here, hasn’t it?) so you’ll have to excuse me because I’m tired and it’s early but I am hell bent on getting you this recipe because 1) I promised I would and 2) these cookies are so delicious that it’d be wrong for me to keep it tucked away any longer. But I did think about it. Partly because I was pressed for time and in a rush to photograph them (and had to use the super harsh, early morning light), but mostly because there’s been a disproportionate amount of brown-colored food in this space (thesethose, and this) (and now you’re looking at more) and it’s summer and the farmers market is bursting with vibrant produce and I’m just over here whipping up shit with peanut butter and chocolate.

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Four days in Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

Where’d we leave off?

That long, local bus ride from Puno. If you haven’t read the post about Lake Titicaca, let me fill you in: we were pressed for time. Like, really pressed for time. But we were also hell bent on seeing both sides of the lake despite the fact that it meant we’d only have a measly 14 hours to spend in Puno (over half of which were spent sleeping) and would likely miss the early-morning (and very convenient) tourist bus. Well, we did miss that bus. And everyone – from the owner of the hotel we stayed at to the agent at the bus terminal – tried talking us into waiting for the tourist bus the next morning (it makes fewer stops, is more comfortable, and is generally more safe for foreign travelers), but we were having none of it. We needed to be in Cusco by a certain time and, at that point, a local bus was our only option. So we bought our tickets and got on the damn bus, and spent the next 10 (or 11) hours packed like sardines in a vessel – without air conditioning – that smelled a little too much like week old bologna. Continue Reading